Prosecco & Sparkling Wine

Our Sparkling Wines are the perfect expression of commitment to the Bottega brand values. The research for superior quality grapes, from the best Italian production areas, and the careful work of our oenologists create refined wines with a great personality. Not only Prosecco, but also sparkling wines from Moscato grapes from the Euganean Hills, and Pinot Nero from Oltrepò Pavese,…

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Alexander Grappa

Sandro (Alexander) Bottega’s vision to elevate Grappa is realized with this collection of luxurious Italian Grappa in collectible hand blown Venetian Glass bottles. Our Grappa contains grape distillates made with artisan care and very specific selection of refined ingredients. Genuineness in everything from the bottle to the taste and aromas of nature.

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With true attention to our commintment to quality and excellece Bottega Creams and Liqueurs are the result of an accurate selection of raw materials combined with the long-standing experience of Bottega. Limoncino Bottega is a “limoncello”, traditional Italian liqueur, dating back to the end of the  nineteenth century. It is produced from an infusion of “Femminello” lemon  peel. This cultivar which is widespread…

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