The 100 Prosecco Recipes Book


On November 24, 2020 the 100 Prosecco Recipes Book was written by Sandro Bottega.
The book, published by Mondadori edition is a trip through the Prosecco hills, a UNESCO heritage site, where tradition, research and genuineness blend together in the sign of taste. A collection of recipes with typical ingredients from these lands teaches to respect the environment and health, both physical and spiritual. A precious collection, as suggested by the precious cover.

• A name with a strong reputation, the first sparkling wine in the world, synonymous of quality and accessibility
• A wine that plays a leading role in the life, sociality and conviviality of our people
• A unique terroir, heroically cultivated by hard-working winegrowers

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On the basis of these considerations, the 100 oldest recipes have been collected in this volume, tempered by modern reinterpretations. This is to fully understand how the recipes, thanks to the creativity of the Veneto region, have become, in the name of simplicity, true excellences of the Italian food and wine scene.

Omar Lapecia Bis, Masterchef of the Bottega Prosecco Bars, collected and rewrote the recipes and Elia Soldera, a young and promising chef, presented them with elegance and a modern twist.
According to Farinetti, the photographs, carefully taken by renowned photographer Ioris Premoli and Monica Lisetto, “explode with light and freshness, provoking a healthy joyful desire to try” the dishes.