Our Mission & Values

Since its foundation the cornerstones on which the company philosophy is based are:

Quality and Typicality

From the vineyard to the bottling, every moment of making a product is followed with craftsmanship. We choose simple and natural flavors, linked to the territory. Just the craftsmanship and the link with the territory make the Bottega product a unique product that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Bottega is IFS and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certified (in 2018 with an AA score, or level of excellence) and is part of the Italian Excellence Certificate Institute, an association that unites Italian manufacturers of excellence in different sectors and high service companies profile. Furthermore Bottega is ISO 9001 certified for the Company Quality Management System.

Design and Innovation

Recipes containing elements of innovation and originality make Bottega wines and liqueurs exclusive. Expression of excellence, our design enhances the creativity and style of Made in Italy. Each bottle embodies the taste and joy of living of the Italian lifestyle.


All stages of production meet the criteria of sustainability and are carried out in the name of environmental protection and future generations. In particular, the company is careful to save water, reduce CO2 and chemical emissions, and recycle waste materials.