Permits & Licenses

Bottega sparkling wines are distributed Direct-2 Consumer (DTC) by VITAL BGS in the United States where DTC sales and shipments are permitted, on a state-by-state basis. In addition to its own permits and licenses, VITAL BGS works with a network of Distribution Partners in various states that provide for the broadest availability of Bottega products. Your order may be fulfilled by one of those Distribution Partners under exacting requirements, including environmental temperature control, expeditious order processing, high quality packaging, and shipping carrier assurances of adult delivery confirmation.

United States Federal Permits
UT-I-21019 Importer
UT-P-21027 Wholesaler

Texas Permit
S-1085552 Non-Resident Sellers

Utah Licenses
LW00046 Bonded Liquor Warehouse
MR00203 Manufacturer Representative